ALES GREY™ Los Angeles based footwear company unites the legacy of Italian craftsmanship and advanced engineering with future-focused bio-based materials. The company was founded by 25 year experience, global footwear expert “Sneaker “ Steve Patiño.  The name Ales Grey is derived from his son’s name and is a tribute to how Patiño envisions the future of footwear with seasonal offerings for women, men and kids.   

ALES GREY™ is a physical manifestation of what our company stands for—and what we hope you stand for too. We have the chance to shape the future, and the future we see is safe and beautiful for all.  What you see on the outside of our shoes may seem simple, but the technical engineering and supply chain traceability inside each pair represent our long-term dedication to quality, function and third party audited certified sustainability. 

While our headquarters are based in Los Angeles, all of our footwear is engineered in Italy and manufactured locally, to reduce carbon emissions from heavy overseas transportation.

Welcome to the future of global/ local function-first, certified sustainable footwear.